Shining A Blacklight on Scandal

It can be fascinating to see how technology, data and world events intersect. Last week, the news broke about “The Panama Papers.” Almost three terabytes of data (11.5 million documents) were lifted from a law firm that specializes in setting up offshore accounts to hide money in other jurisdictions and dodge paying their fair share of the taxes due. The results of this exposure were shocking. Iceland’s Prime Minister stepped down. Other world leaders have had a light shone on their financial shuffling. The full impact of these leaks is still playing out.

Networking : The First Volley of Marketing

I've wondered: how come people seem to be successful when other products may be better and hidden in obscurity? A few years ago, I went to a talk for aspiring writers (one session from an ongoing group). My wife and I sat through it. At the end of the talks, they had a mixer. We left when the talks were done. I was asked: "How come these people seem to have book deals?" My answer: the mixer. Sitting in a crowd and amassing knowledge is swell. Sitting at home and doing something wonderful is nifty.

Go With What You Know

Everyone has strengths, skills and aptitudes. Add in hobbies and interests. Maybe you've never looked at a ledger, but your mind is tuned to following columns and rows and transferring figures accurately, so you would make a good accountant. Maybe you spent a decade selling shoes so you know patent leather from plastic at a glance. By the time you reach adulthood, you will have at least one skill under your belt that you can practice with confidence.

7 Tips For Improving Website Performance

Why do some pages blink into place like they have a hyperdrive installed; and others dawdle their way into existence? The former likely have some simple tricks figured out. Those tricks are actually easy to figure out and the benefits are broad. They improve the user experience and they make search engine optimization easier. A couple of these tips may be a little more server intensive (like Keep-Alive), but some of them can actually make your site easier to deliver.

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